Creative juices blocked?

Facing a difficult choice?

Need to  jump start  your life?

Skeptical Tarot is a tarot card reading site for people interested in using tarot as a tool to gain insight and take action in their lives.

Skeptical Tarot is for people looking for real-life solutions, not magic eight-ball answers, more one-shot life coaching session, than a traditional reading.

Skeptical Tarot will make you more aware of the opportunities that surround you.  You won’t hear astounding details about your past, because even if we could supply them,  in the short time we have, we need to work on your present.

People have found my readings useful, even prescient, but I’d argue  I’m only looking at patterns, and making sense out of chaos.  We create our own futures based on our actions.

The cards are rich in imagery. The symbols and images spark our own intuition. The “spread” of the cards tells us stories in which we find corollaries to ourselves and those around us. I’m no guru, but I can help you understand the path in front of you — both the obstacles blocking you from achieving your goals, and the shortcuts.

We’ll focus on the “now” and the “ahead.”   If there is a situation about which you need guidance to move forward, together we’ll interpret the cards to gain insight leading to practical solutions.

Readings are quick, fun and affordable FREE or pay-what-you-want during this Beta period.

Tarot readings can complement or even catalyze other self-work such as therapy, meditation, life-coaching etc, and help you get where you need to be.

You don’t need to “believe” in anything to gain from a reading.

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(Card images from The Mythic Tarot)

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