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The Digital Tarot Difference

Digitarot uses a specially set-up private digital “room” that allows the querent to shuffle and choose his or her cards.  The spread is laid out when the querent is ready,  and both the reader and the querent are able to see the same cards at the same time.  Skype is used to further enhance the experience allowing face-to-face, live communication between the reader and querent. (If you don’t want the reader to “see” you, that’s fine too.)

We believe we are the first site to offer live readings online where both reader and querent “see” the same cards.

Digitarot is in a beta period during which readings are given on free or pay what you want basis.  These are not teasers,but full readings. You will NOT be asked to pay anything or to give any credit card information.

In order to have a Digitarot reading, you must have access to a computer or tablet with broadband Internet and you will need to have a Skype account.  Skype accounts are free and you can sign up for one by clicking here.  If you have an older computer without an internal microphone and speakers, you may need to buy or borrow a  Skype-set as well.

Readings generally take between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

To make an appointment for your reading, simply write to: Make sure to put the words “Beta Digital Reading” in your subject. Do NOT send attachments or links.  Supply 3 alternative dates/times for your reading.  Times must between 9 am and 9 pm based on New York time.

Skeptical Tarot will be in touch to confirm the time and details.

FREE Beta e-mail readings.

If you don’t feel that a Skype-reading is for you, we are also FREE beta e-mail readings. Click here for more information on this option.

In-Person Readings — New Client Introductory Price: $25

If you are in the New York metropolitan area, you may book a reading an in-person reading. If you don’t mind the possibility of others overhearing, we can arrange for a reading in a workspace in Chelsea or a cafe in Morningside Heights (Morningside location requires a small table service fee). Readings can also be arranged at other venues as agreed upon.  To order an in-person reading, please contact, leave a phone number and a good time to call to discuss details.

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