“Beta” E-mail Reading

Because these readings are not “live” some additional information is required:

Please copy and paste the following.  Send with your answers as an email, no attachment,  to skepticaltarot@gmail.com  Make sure to write: Beta E-mail Reading in the subject.

Required Information:

Your Full Name:

Current Age plus Month of Birth:

Your Query: 

The “query” is the question you have that you want answered.

State your query as a short open-ended question (a question that can’t be answered by “yes” or “no”)  in 50 words or fewer.

Description:  After your short query, please feel free to give more details that you think will be helpful. Please note if you refer to anyone else use  a first name only or initials and explain the role of the person in what you are telling me.  For instance:

Bob, my best friend says ….  

Nan, my supervisor told me … 

Mike, this annoying guy at work …

Other Required Information: This will help me have a context for understanding the situation:

Where do you live? (Country, region, city)

What do you do for work or if you don’t work, how do you spend your time?

Is this what you want to be doing?  If not, what do you want?

Significant others:  Name, three or more people living or dead who are important to you.  (People may or may not be involved in your query.)  First names only are acceptable. Describe the role of each person in your life.

For example:

Jill, 25, best friend

OR with more details:

Jill 25, best friend since grade school, a great sounding board, but lately I don’t go to her as she tends to be judgmental.

If I have further questions prior to your reading, I will contact you.  If I have no further questions, your reading should be done within 48 hours of receipt.  You will be able to e-mail for clarifications (not new questions or issues).

I am always interested in improving your reading experience. I will be sending you a brief (anonymous) survey about two weeks after your reading.  If you have other feedback, please feel free to write me and let me know.


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